Transparent back logoWe are a youth project working with sixth formers to explore issues of legal identity, access to justice and the democratic legitimacy of the legal system within the UK. Our project seeks to empower young people, who may feel distanced from the world of courts and lawyers by demystifying the legal system and helping young people have a voice in legal policy.

These courts are theirs, they should protect their rights. A representative, committed group of students can demonstrate to the London legal world why that is, and must remain, true.

We are an independent, volunteer-led youth project established by a group of passionate law students. To find out more about our volunteers Meet the Team.

As part of our work to promote understanding of the role of the rule of law in a democratic society we have had the fantastic opportunity to visit and explore the work of the Supreme Court. The Court’s administration has provided support to our project from its inception, although we are an independent project and the Court is not responsible in any way for our activities or the proposals of our students.

Big Voice at the Supreme CourtPlease explore this website and contact us if you would like further information.

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